Back in the studio!

Alright, friends, just wanted to give you a brief update and let you know that we are officially back in the studio now that "Beloved" has been funded through Kickstarter because of your gracious and incredibly generous help.  We have already begun tracking 3 songs ("Disappointment", "Never Too Late", and "Let You Lead") and Steve Ochoa is going to lay down some drums for us this coming Wednesday.  I am also still writing and have another 5 songs begun that I will be finishing in the next few weeks.  Looks like thus far we will be finishing up in late spring/early summer and I couldn't be more excited.  I have never felt this kind of anticipation about a project before, because it has been such a "group effort" already, and the push I've gotten from all of your Kickstarter support has really lit a new fire under me.  It's awesome, I am so grateful for it, and I am really excited to see how the songs unfold in the studio.  Even more exciting to me has been to see how some of these songs have blessed some of my facebook friends, and I can only hope that once they've been all prettied up by Paul Antony and many amazing musicians, they'll be an even greater blessing.  That's the whole point in writing these songs at all, is to hopefully impart some joy and give a sense of God's beauty and comfort.  And whether we succeed or not, like the loving father that he is, God is so pleased when we try.

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