Vanessa Jourdan Biography

Vanessa was born to sing. Her parents tell her of her first years in Texas when she would hum tunes long before she learned to talk.  Now based in Long Beach, California, whether she’s in the studio, at a coffee shop, in church, or in the shower, she’s still singing. 

Vanessa has independently released 4 full-length CD’s since 2002, including, "Never Too Late", released in January of 2015 to great reviews.  In the studio, she has partnered almost exclusively with producer/engineer/all-around-amazing-musician Paul Antony (who has taken a lot of the pictures on this site, and produced 100% of the music videos).  She has most recently worked with friend, composer, and producer Jeremy Borum on her newest project, "Girl+Guitar", released in July of 2015.   

Vanessa’s powerhouse voice and emotive performances have been drawing crowds to Southern California venues since her debut album of original songs entitled “Give Me a Stage” was independently released in April of 2002.  Her sophomore effort, “Wanderlust”, was released in August 2004.  Her third offering, “Eternal Things”, was released in December of 2007.  Songs from this album earned her and her band a Third Place award at Spirit West Coast in 2006.  

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