Back in the studio... A year later

Oh, my dear friends... What a crazy year it's been.  Kickstarter funding was a success, we went back into the studio (Paul Antony, Steve Ochoa, and some other familiar faces), and things were going along swimmingly.  Then something called life happened, quite literally.  My producer Paul Antony and his gorgeous wife Natalie welcomed little baby girl Heaven into the world in the fall.  It was a brutal pregnancy, and a quite terrifying one, however God worked one miracle after the next, and now both baby and mommy (and daddy) are healthy and beautiful, and maybe happier than they've ever been.  And now Paul's ready to get back to work on things like my project, which has obviously taken a back seat to more important business.

All told, it's been about a 6 month break with no recording at all, which has been frustrating, but it's also been a blessing.  I've had some time to "work on my craft", and to tweak some songs that I thought were all ready for recording, but turns out they needed a little help.  I thank you for being so patient with me, particularly those of you who funded my Kickstarter campaign.  Your money is still being put to good use, and you are going to get a cd out of this, I promise you!  It is now a very realistic hope that the cd will be in your hands by mid- to late-summer.  It would be much sooner if I didn't have this darned full-time job!  Sigh... Maybe that's the next campaign:  Help Vanessa Quit Her Dumb Day Job (Which She's Totally Thankful For, Don't Get Me Wrong)!

So Sunday, April 1st will be our first day officially working on music again, and getting "Beloved Vol. 1&2" finally, actually, concretely finished.  And I really believe it's going to be great.  And it's been so long now that I actually have nearly an album's worth of new material, so you might see two releases from me this year! 

Love you all!  Thank you for reading this, because if you're reading this, you care.  And after having been kind of hidden away and under wraps the last few months, it's good to know that someone cares.  *sniffle*



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