Eternal Things

by Vanessa Jourdan

Released 2007
Released 2007
Spiritual and soulful, ponderous and upbeat - this is the album for the Seeker and the Sage, and everyone in-between - Vanessa Jourdan captures rock, pop, and a tinge of heaven on this singer/songwriter's 3rd release.
“Vanessa Jourdan’s music is part innocent discovery and part tough wisdom – the work of a songwriter who knows the flaws of the world, but can still throw her head back and sing with the ecstasy of being in it.” - Michael Miller, Editor of Moon Tide Press

This is Vanessa's third release, and she's thrilled that it's here! Of course, she's speaking of herself now in the third person, and feels a little wierd about that, but it's understood that this is part of the business. You copy and paste someone else's glowing reviews (thank you SOOO much, Michael - I hope what you said so beautifully is true!), and pretend to be another person writing about... yourself.

Let me speak to you from the heart, though, and tell you that my prayer, my true one hope, is that this cd *means* something to you. That's honestly all I really care about. Ultimately, it would be wonderful to make a living making music, but there's no guarantee of that, and I've been doing this for long enough now to realize that making money making music will not bring peace or joy. Responding to our callings is what brings joy. And I believe music is my calling. Like for some people maybe surfing is a calling, but they get out in the waves at 5am because they have to be in the office at 8. Or maybe the way for some teaching children at church on Sundays is a calling. Or for some it's tending the seeds in the garden and nurturing them into a glorious display of God's creativity. It's the voice we all hear that says, "This is what I made you for," and instead of worrying about how it makes any sense, you just do it. And it is only without the worry that you find any peace.

So without trying to sound too pithy, or wise (cuz Lord knows I'm so far from any true wisdom, especially since I still think I'm so smart) this cd is the first one I've truly laid down at the feet of my Creator and said, "Whatever you wanna do with it, God. I give up trying to figure it out." I'd rather be a minister than a businesswoman, I think... though I'm probably not meant for either. Whatever the case may be, I've entitled this one "Eternal Things" because that's what I've been predominately concerned with for the last few years, and I've never felt more right with the world. Even though I know the world may not like it or understand it. Funny how that works?

I'll probably erase all of this later because I'll decide it sounded too self-important. Too unprofessional and un-rockstar-ish.

But I'm not a rock star.

So maybe I won't.